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Chris Cillizza’s winners and losers from the Biden-Sanders debate

Amid a gradual shuttering of yank society thanks to the spread of coronavirus, the 2 leading Democratic candidates for president debated Sunday night — the primary one-on-one debate of the election, between former vice chairman Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

I watched, took notes and picked a number of the bests and worsts of the night that was. My thoughts are below. volka stream, volka stream election live.


  • Elizabeth Warren/Kamala Harris/Stacey Abrams/Amy Klobuchar: Biden pledged unequivocally on Sunday night that he will pick a lady to be his vice chairman. That’s an enormous deal because it will mark — assuming Biden is that the nominee — only the third time within the history of the Democratic Party that a lady are going to be on the national ticket. (The other two? 1984 and 2016.) That’s an enormous deal. And if you’re Warren, Harris, Abrams or Klobuchar, you only had a surprisingly good Sunday night, politically speaking.
  • Donald Trump: The President’s handling of the coronavirus — the sole issue anyone cares about immediately — has been shaky to mention the very least. He’s made variety of factually inaccurate statements about the threat posed by the virus. He continues to suggest everything is perfectly in check. He refuses to require any responsibility for any of the mistakes his administration has made so far.

In short, you’d think that he would are a target-rich environment for both Sanders and Biden, right? in any case, the primary half-hour (at least) of the talk was dedicated to the coronavirus and the way each man would fix it if they were president. And yet, with the exception of an occasional mention here and there, Trump was barely mentioned.

Much of the remainder of the talk was Sanders savaging Biden’s voting record from quite three decades within the Senate — on everything from the bankruptcy law to Social Security cuts to the Defense of Marriage Act — that may not likely to vary the trajectory of the Democratic race (Biden seems likely to win overwhelmingly in states set to vote Tuesday) but provides terrific lines of attack for Trump once Biden is that the nominee.

  • No live audience: the rationale there was no live audience at this debate was due to concerns about crowds and coronavirus. While I wish a worldwide pandemic wasn’t the motivator, I do think this debate was much better than recent ones during which the cheering, booing and “ooohing” from the audience was both distracting and wrongly influential for the viewing audience. we’d like to simply accept that this is often a TV event. The overwhelming majority of the people that are watching do so from afar. Why let a couple of hundred people the campaigns (and Democratic National Committee) prefer to invite influence the broader audience?
  • Elbow bump: Sure, it looked kind of weird when Sanders walked over to Biden and gave him an elbow bump instead of a handshake. it had been also a) the proper thing to try to to amid the coronavirus outbreak and b) a strong symbol to the overall public about how we all got to adjust our behavior accordingly.